Tim & Ang









by John Deer


Gorgeous work my friend x

Lovely stuff JD xx

Loving this whole set John! We’ll played!

Erin & Tim [lovebirds]


by John Deer

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Laura & Geoffrey

Some people are just perfect for each other.

I met Laura and Geoff two days before their wedding at a bar in the city. They were like giddy children all loved up. They finished each other’s sentences and laughed at each other’s jokes. We shared a drink in the heat and they told me their story. How they met at uni and how they fell in love. It felt like we had known each other for ages.

When Sunday rolled around I arrived at Laura’s parents house with fully charged batteries and empty memory cards ready to document their big day. We spent the day laughing and taking photos in places that were special to them. Laura never stopped smiling once.


by John Deer


many awesome images! you are a clever deer indeed.

Woot woot…well done JD, noice selfie too ;-)

I love how you can transform an everyday suburban house into a photographic studio! The shots in front of the blinds are stunning mate. Nice work.

Totally rocked that wedding in all kinds of way Mr Deer :)

Nailed it! Gorgeous work for such a gorgeous couple xxxx

Dear John Deer

so glad little beauty Renee introduced me to you lot. This is such a beautiful wedding, such beautiful photography!

Love it ! Such beautiful shots John !


Such beautiful shots. Love love love.
Can’t wait for you to photograph our wedding, John. ;)

so beautiful John!!


I love these photos! Just need a couple of more pashing photos!I love the built environment backdrops in your shots-love the guys against the rusted cladding!